Beach of Paradise


It’s a pleasant alternative Beach Experience in the Pearl of Indian Ocean!

Negombo is a modest beach town located close to Bandaranaike International Airport. In many ways it is a more warm introduction to the country than Colombo, and it’s a pleasant alternative to the monster traffic into and through the capital. In fact, some budget-conscious sun seekers just stay here, although doing this means missing the much nicer beaches to the south.

Bustling Negombo is a lovely town filled with some of the finest hotels and Spas, there are plenty of Pubs and Restaurants all along the beach area, where variety food and drinks is certainly not a shortcoming. Negombo town is a historically interesting place, strongly influenced by the Catholic Church. The narrow strip of land to the south of the lagoon and the many canals make for good exploring.

Its a one of the most convinience place to go for day tours in Sri Lanka. To visits for famous place like Kandy, Galle, Colombo, Sigiriya and Dambulla etc


Negombo Beach Park

Negombo beach is a common enjoying place for the tourists and even the locals; A pretty decent beach with a clean environment. Although Negombo is not famous for water sports; kite surfing and water skating is a highlight.

Spa and Yoga

There are plenty of Spas found around Negombo, after some busy walk around the Negombo beach coast; Body or a foot massage is a must, to relax the mind and body!.

Water sports in Negombo

Water sports are the most popular of the outdoor activities on offer in Negombo. Kite surfing and water skating are the two popular water sports. Although there are more popular beaches farther along the west coast, the swimming, surfing and windsurfing in Negombo are excellent.

Negombo Fish Market

Negombo fish market probably has no equal in this part of the world for both its selection and the ingenuity of its fishmongers. Negombo fish market is a small market but definitely a perfect place to view some exiting varieties fishes.

Whale & Dolphin Watching

Kalpitiya is the best places if you are interested in seeing Dolphins. During November to March is the best season to go Dolphin Watching off Kalpitiya. At a time you can witness 1000-1500 Dolphins. It’s a 2 ½ hour drive from Negombo.

Deep Sea Fishing

Negombo deep sea fishing tours operating from Negombo harbor on Sri Lanka's West Coast. Sri Lanka is much admired for its multitude of sub-aquatic life. Its unspoiled sea and fishing zones hold an abundance of game fish for the keen angler.

Pubs and Restaurants in Negombo

At Negombo Pubs and restaurants are widely found especially close to the beach area. All famous Chinese, Italian and Indian cuisine are found. Food and drinks are definitely not a short coming at Negombo.

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